Replacing chocolate bars with peanut chikki: Vande Bharat Express will offer low-calorie meals to passengers


Vande Bharat Express Diet Menu: The new Gandhinagar Capital-Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express, due to be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Gandhinagar Railway Station today, will be accompanied by a low-calorie and health-conscious millet-rich regional menu , the Ministry of Railways said in a statement. The professional catering services arm of Indian Railways, i.e. IRCTC, will provide a rich dining experience to the taste buds of travelers during the journey, both on the inaugural day and regular journeys. Indian Railways will serve the premium local delicacies suited to the taste buds of the passengers on the semi-high speed train.Also Read – IRCTC Update, September 29: Indian Railways Cancels 244 Trains Today. Checklist here

Vande Bharat Express Diet Menu

  • The menu service planned to fit the schedules of the train schedules includes morning tea, breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner on the motto “Quality First”.
  • The health conscious and low calorie food options made from Ragi, Bhagar, cereals, oats, muesli etc. will be an integral part of the menu.
  • It will also focus on the preference of fasting/Jain/senior customers in the Mumbai Gujarat section.
  • Dishes prepared from Sabu Dana, Bhagar and Fruits which are otherwise light on the stomach but still have a high nutritional value are an integral part of the menu.
  • In a first, Healthy malt drinks for children traveling are introduced as a service on the premium train.
  • Replace chocolate bars with local brands of “Peanut Chikki” with peanuts from local farmers is considered part of the Be Vocal, Go Local ideology.

Vande Bharat Train’s personalized menu is also in line with the theme of the year 2023 which is about to be celebrated around the world as the International Year of Millets. The initiative was spearheaded by India during the United Nations General Assembly which adopted a resolution in April 2021 and declared 2023 the International Year of Millet. Also Read – IRCTC Launches Easy New Service to Check Live Train Status and PNR Without Visiting Any Website | Details inside

Onboard hospitality will be extended by engaging experienced and knowledgeable professionals of a gender balanced mix on par with the corporate Tejas trains from Mumbai Ahmedabad run by IRCTC. Also Read – Navrati 2022: IRCTC Launches Tour Matarani Rajdhani Package; Check dates, price, how to book a ticket

The long-awaited experience of high-end Vande Bharat Express journey from the capital Gandhinagar to the state capital of Maharashtra in Mumbai, i.e. Mumbai Central, will be available to everyone from 1st October.


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