SACMI Wrapper handles chocolates at 250 bar/min


SACMI Packaging & Chocolate presented its new HTB chocolate bar packaging machine at its PACK EXPO International stand. According to the company, this very first state-of-the-art electronic machine is “revolutionizing packaging technology”. With the HTB, time, pressure and temperature are fully controlled in the sealing area, part of the machine’s continuous adaptive flow, which can use traditional and environmentally friendly materials.

The HTB offers wrapping speeds for 250 bar/min and is acapable of controlling each individual operation, providing flexibility and precision to meet the specifications of the physical requirements of the product and the characteristics of the packaging material. This is done in a much smaller footprint than mechanical equipment that performs relatively the same tasks. According to SACMI, the result is a solution that is easy to maintain and install in existing production lines.

At the show, SACMI used double-wrapped bars on the HTB, with a sealed aluminum wrapper sheathed in a pre-cut chipboard cover. SACMI has responded to the sustainability challenge by working alongside manufacturers of environmentally friendly packaging materials, including paper-based compostable and biopolymer materials, to ensure that its machines can use sustainable materials.

This line extension is based on SACMI’s latest packaging machine design, the HY7 for flat-bottomed praline sweets.


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