Sex offender back behind bars after breaking court order


Pervert Christopher Nock has been jailed for six months after breaching a sexual abuse prevention order.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the 51-year-old was given an extended sentence of 92 months in 2015 for creating indecent images of children.

As part of the sentence, he was placed on an indefinite Sexual Offense Prevention Order (SHPO), which prohibits him from using any device capable of using the internet unless he makes it available on requests and does not delete any search history.

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But his risk assessor visited him out of the blue on Nov. 27 and noticed he had installed a VPN.

Prosecutor Hunter Gray said: “He claimed he had accessed adult pornography. But research found no internet history consistent with it.”

During his interview with the police, the accused agreed to use the phone, install the VPN and that he understood the terms of the SHPO.

Nock, of HMP Hewell, pleaded guilty to breaching an SHPO.

Mitigating Paul Cliff said the defendant was realistic. He said installing a VPN was not illegal.

“But in this case, there must have been a breach because this VPN doesn’t seem to have logged internet history and for that reason it broke the order,” Cliff added.

Sex offender Christopher Nock installed a VPN on his phone (generic photo)

“He told the risk assessor that he was using the phone and the VPN to view adult pornography. There must have been some support for that. She looked at the trash can and described that there was pornography in the trash, which would be automatically deleted after 30 days.

“She did not remove the phone. We know she found it necessary to speak to the Staffordshire Police digital forensics team to determine if the order had been breached. She returned on November 29 and has arrested the accused.

“It is his responsibility to ensure that everything he uses on this phone is in accordance with the order. He accepts that there are people he could have spoken to for clarification.”

Judge Sally Hancox said: “You are not an unintelligent man. You were in a position to ask those watching you.”

Nock will remain subject to the SHPO for the rest of his life.

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