Shocking! Toshu kidnaps Pari; Rakhi to put him behind bars


Mumbai: Anupamaa currently reigns over our television screens. The show is doing exceptionally well and tops the weekly BARC charts.

These days, the show’s track is quite interesting as the narrative focuses on Anupamaa and Anuj’s post-marriage life. As the secret of Toshu’s extramarital affair has been revealed, Kinjal finally decides to end his marriage.

In the previous episode, Anupamaa takes a stand for Baa as the Shah family neighbors call her a liar for not telling the truth about Anupamaa. Baa would praise Anupamaa, and that’s when the neighbors would taunt Baa that she was lying. They know how much Vanraj troubled and tortured Anupmaa, and now Toshu is doing the same with Kinjal.

In the next episode, Toshu will kidnap Pari, and everyone will be worried and not know what to do.

Kinjal would blame Rakhi for not being able to take care of the child and being so careless, but Rakhi understands his pain and frustration.

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On the other hand, Baa supports Toshu’s deed and tries to make the Shah family understand why he took such a big step: he was kept away from the child and his family was breaking up.

She says she knows he made a mistake, but he apologized for it and regrets it. Even after that, none of the family members forgave him.

Rakhi tells Baa that she will make sure Toshu is behind bars for what he did, and she will make sure no one forgives him.

Well, it will be interesting to see what Toshu does after being caught.

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