Six Great Bars for Live Music in the Phoenix Metro


Live music disappeared for over a year during the pandemic. If you’re still trying to make up for lost time by seeing as many live acts as possible, consider hitting up some of our favorite Phoenix metro bars that feature live performances by local artists most nights of the week.

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Luckys Indoor Outdoor in the Roosevelt Row Arts District.


Indoor Outdoor Lucky Charms

817 Second Street North

It was about time the Roosevelt Row Arts District had a place to listen to live music. Although Indoor and outdoor lucky charms has been open for less than a year, people come back again and again to relax, have a drink and have a good time.

“Adding live music to the mix completes the experience, especially when people can come out and support a local band they follow or check out a new one,” says Nick Nitz, Operating Partner at Luckys’ Indoor Outdoor. “One of our goals when opening Luckys was to support the local arts scene and really engage with our community. We were able to do this by giving musicians the space to perform in a fun venue. Order a twist on the classic cocktail with the Lucky Negroni, which includes strawberry-infused gin, while relaxing and listening to Fayuca or The Hourglass Cats.

Click to enlarge Kevin Michael Prier of The Real Fakes (left) and Josh Kennedy of The Black Moods play an acoustic set at Boondocks in Tempe.  -JENNIFER GOLDBERG

Kevin Michael Prier of The Real Fakes (left) and Josh Kennedy of The Black Moods play an acoustic set at Boondocks in Tempe.

Jennifer Goldberg


4341 North 75th Street, Scottsdale

1024 East Broadway Rd, Tempe

There’s a reason why the two locations of Bled always jump. Key to their success is the high energy atmosphere combined with live music.

“Live music creates a connection with the guest. It’s art, it happens right in front of you in real time and you’re there for the experience,” says Boondocks owner Jake Kory. the show is good, the guest responds with their energy which in turn feeds the performer causing a snowball effect…. If the conditions are right, there’s nothing else like it. whiskey-maple-glazed ribs and pair them with a grown-up slushy while listening to one of their favorite rotating bands: DayWeather, Rose Colored Eyes, Wyves, Mr. Mal Band, Black Bottom Lighters or People Who Could Fly.

Click to enlarge Wyves' Corey Gloden plays weekly at Old Town Tavern in Scottsdale.  -JENNIFER GOLDBERG

Wyves’ Corey Gloden plays weekly at Old Town Tavern in Scottsdale.

Jennifer Goldberg

Old Town Tavern

7320 East Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale

Old Town Tavern
, tucked away in a corner of Old Town Scottsdale, is not easy to find. But once you know how to find it, you will come back. The vibe is decidedly down-to-earth and friendly – the many regulars enthusiastically welcome tourists. And no matter what night you show up, you’ll catch great sets from local musicians like Elvis Before Noon’s Daylon Greer, Wyves’ Corey Gloden and country-rock band Honeygirl. Order yourself a cheap drink, introduce yourself to the person on the next bar stool and enjoy.

Click to enlarge Sorrower rockin' Yucca Tap Room in October 2019. - DAVE CALLAWAY

Sorrower rockin’ Yucca Tap Room in October 2019.

David Callaway

Yucca Tap Room

29 Avenue Southwest, Tempe

Yucca Tap Room, the original Tempe concert hall, has been a staple of the music scene for over 40 years. The eclectic bar is home to the Electric Bat Arcade and its tropical drinks, as well as Asian fusion cuisine like fried chicken baos and bulgogi fries Blasted from Bangkok.

Yucca’s goal is to be friendly and accessible to everyone. “Most artists know they can speak with the show managers in person if they have any concerns or suggestions,” says Ben Talty, Music Director of Yucca Tap Room. “We are a place to hang out, not just to see a show.” Past bands you might hang out with include Less Than Jake and Death South, and look forward to Guttermouth and Ignite in the coming year.

Click to enlarge Delicious food before a show at the Copper Blues.  - NORWOOD SEA

Delicious food before a show at the Copper Blues.

Norwood Sea

Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen

50 Jefferson Street West

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen bringing great food and live music to listeners and diners for over 10 years.

“Live music is a 360 degree experience. The artists on our stage feed off the energy of the room and vice versa. It’s something DJs and regular background music can’t recreate,” says Ryan Handlesman, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Copper Blues. Artists like Fitz and the Tantrums, Rock Lobster, The Pick Up Lines and The Insta Classics and other musicians of all genres have graced the stage. Order the huge nachos – they’re designed to be shared with a dozen ingredients and smothered homemade beer cheese on top.


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