Staff shortage: Bars and restaurants looking for 200,000 workers


Christmas celebrations could be under threat this year as Australia’s hospitality sector faces a staffing crisis.

Australia’s pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels need 200,000 workers to fill critical staff shortages, which could see them lacking during peak hospitality season.

The hospitality sector has seen significant challenges over the past three years, with the Covid-19 pandemic shrinking the pool of overseas workers and forcing many Australians to leave the industry for more stable work.

The news of 200,000 vacancies was revealed by job search platform Barcats, which specializes in connecting staff with job search locations.

“The hospitality industry in Australia is worth $71.3 billion, and right now it’s time to call in the reinforcements because if we have any chance of seeing hospitality soar this summer, we need support. “said Barcats Australia chief executive Jeffrey Williams.

“We need 200,000 new workers, three times the size of the entire Australian Defense Force.”

Mr Williams said that ultimately customers will suffer if vacancies are not filled.

“Customers are facing a 25% increase in wait times, unavailability of reservations, increased costs, limited menus and opening hours and a decline in the quality of service “, did he declare.

According to data from Barcats, there are currently around 1,500 vacancies for bartenders in Melbourne and Sydney.

A staggering 3,000 wait staff vacancies need to be filled in Melbourne, while there are 1,000 vacancies for similar positions in western Sydney alone.

Melbourne is also looking for another 2,500 kitchen staff and Sydney is short of at least 2,500 baristas.

“We want this summer to be a success, and it’s an industry that’s hiring across a variety of ages – from college students to retirees and some of the 180,000 graduating 12th graders across the country. We need you to sign up and be part of this hospitality army,” Mr. Williams said.

Job vacancies in capitals


Bartenders – 1500

Wait staff – 500

Kitchen staff – 1000

Management – ​​400

Barista – 1500

Hotels – 1200

Total: 6100 jobs


Bartenders – 1500

Wait staff – 3000

Kitchen staff – 2500

Management – ​​600

Barista – 2000

Hotels – 1700

Total: 11,300 jobs


Bartenders – 1500

Wait staff – 1000

Kitchen staff – 2000

Management – ​​1000

Barista – 2500

Hotels – 2000

Total: 10,000 jobs


Kitchen staff – 1000

Total: 1000 jobs

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