Strathspey has the best “casual” restaurants in the north – official!


After Badenoch’s triumph this week at the Scottish Hospitality Awards 2022, with the crowning of the best outdoor center in the country, it’s Strathspey’s turn to enjoy official recognition.

The glittering ceremony at the Marriott hotel in Glasgow confirmed that the Strath also offers the best casual dining experience in the north.

The prize was awarded to the Boat Country Inn and Restaurant, Boat of Garten.

Magdalena Mazurkiewicz: Her team is strengthened by the distinction received this week

The event was organized by Gina McKie, who handed out 32 awards to the deserving winners, recognizing them for their hard work and determination to make Scotland the amazing place we all love.

All winners were elected by the public as a true reflection of success, professionalism and philosophy; three qualities that distinguish them from others.

In addition, the awards paid tribute to those who help make Scotland a destination of choice. They provided a platform to thank those who consistently provide memorable experiences for visitors and residents and make the country known around the world for its warm hospitality.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Hospitality Awards 2022 said: ‘The awards recognized incredible people who are making a positive difference in the hospitality industry. It was great to meet inspiring people who work hard and go beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of their guests and improve the country’s cultural scene.

“We would like to congratulate all of the finalists and winners for their incredible achievements.”

At The Boat, general manager Magdalena Mazurkiewicz told The Strathy: “After the challenges of the past two years, this has given the team such a boost for the summer season.

“We are very grateful for all the support from our customers, suppliers and team and look forward to celebrating this achievement with all of them.”

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