Student behind bars after classmate falsely accused him of rape threats, police say


A student has been arrested and expelled from his school here after a classmate falsely accused him of threatening her with rape and an acid attack because he befriended another girl, police announced on Tuesday.

Officials said she wrote the threatening letters herself and claimed in a police complaint that they came from him. Later, the police discovered that the handwriting was his. They said the defendant in the case was 18 but the complainant was a minor.

Based on his complaint, the case was filed against the schoolboy and his uncle under the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) on September 5, police said. While the uncle was arrested a few days later, the student was arrested on October 7 and taken into custody, they said.

SHO (Shastri Nagar) Jogendra Singh says the girl planned everything to get revenge on the young man. “Now we are going to appeal to the court to release them from prison,” he said. Police Commissioner Ravi Dutt Gaur said the girl continued to complain of threats even after the student’s arrest, the handwriting on the letters before the arrest and that after were compared.

“We interviewed the girl, and she admitted to writing all these letters by herself to implicate her classmate,” he said. The defendant in the case, meanwhile, recorded a video claiming his innocence and shared it on social media. He also accused the school administration of taking unilateral action without giving him the opportunity to explain himself.

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