Suspect behind bars for shooting in marijuana robbery


LOWELL — The suspect accused of shooting a 29-year-old Lowell man while he stole 10 pounds of marijuana from the victim’s apartment on Aiken Avenue in March was taken into custody on Monday.

A warrant has been issued for Jabree Daugherty, 26, of Brockton, following an investigation into the alleged robbery which took place in the early morning hours of March 22 which left the victim with three gunshot wounds.

After being taken into custody on Monday, Lowell District Court documents indicate that Daugherty was found to be dangerous at a hearing on Wednesday and held without bond. He was charged with burglary and assault with a weapon, carrying a firearm without a license and breaking and entering a building at night with intent to commit a felony.

Lowell police reports available in court documents indicate that Daugherty gained access to the victim’s apartment with the help of the victim’s ex-girlfriend, Makayla Lowe, 25, of Dracut.

Court documents say that on April 21, Lowe reached out to the victim to mend their relationship that had ended months before. During the conversation, court documents indicate the victim told Lowe he had 10 pounds of marijuana worth about $12,000 that he was looking to sell.

After spending that night at the victim’s home, the court documents state surveillance footage from inside the apartment showing Lowe texting his cellphone before unlocking the apartment door shortly before 4 a.m. on April 22, while the victim was sleeping in his bedroom.

Moments later, surveillance footage captures two masked individuals – one armed with a gun – entering the flat through the unlocked door. Lowe was again reportedly spotted on camera exiting the apartment with a trash bag containing marijuana. As Lowe leaves, the now awake victim pursues her, at which point court documents indicate that a struggle ensues between the victim and the armed suspect. Two shots are heard on surveillance audio before the shooter and the other masked individual flee the apartment.

Documents from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office available in court say the alleged victim underwent surgery after sustaining two injuries to his abdomen and a third to his buttocks. Bullet fragments were located in his hip.

According to court documents, Daughtery was identified as the shooter based on an investigation by Lowell police detectives into the getaway vehicle used in the wake of the alleged theft and phone records.

A warrant was also issued against Lowe following the theft. Court documents show she surrendered to police on April 4. Lowe was held without bond following a dangerousness hearing in Lowell District Court on April 8. intent to commit a crime

Daugherty’s attorney Joshua Grammel and Lowe’s attorney Stephen Barton were not immediately available for comment.

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