Taliban block students without burkas from entering campus

The Taliban continue to crack down on Afghan women and girls by banning female students from entering a university campus for not wearing a burqa.

The incident happened at Badakhshan University in Afghanistan. The girls were forced to stand outside the front door because they did not follow Taliban dress codes.

Taliban block students without burkas from entering campus

Taliban restriction on Women also banned girls from school from grade six after taking control of Afghanistan.

Badakhashan University President Naqibullah Qazizada has reportedly said Taliban violence and unlawful conduct towards students will be addressed.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021 and began rolling back the rights of women and girls. Despite serious risks, women have started to protest in the streets since the Taliban took control.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Taliban reacted brutally from the start, beating protesters, detaining and torturing journalists, and disrupting protests. In August 2022, the Taliban cracked down on female protesters chanting “Bread, work, freedom” outside Kabul’s Ministry of Education building.

The Taliban responded to the protests by firing their weapons in the air to disperse the marching group of women. Some of the demonstrators were chased down and beaten with rifle butts.

Earlier this year, in August, the Taliban reportedly banned female students from enrolling in institutions in Qatar and Kazakhstan leaving the country. Male students were allowed to leave Afghanistan to continue their studies.

The ban marked the Taliban breaking another commitment they had made to the international community. Senior Taliban leaders have also urged women to wear full-face veils.

Since the Taliban took over, Afghan women are no longer allowed to leave their homes without being accompanied by a man. Women who held official positions were asked to nominate men from their homes to fill those positions instead.

Schools are required to maintain gender segregation. Some Taliban officials also reportedly banned women from using smartphones. About 80% of women who worked in the media lost their jobs.

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