The Catskill duo behind bars after alleged robbery


CATSKILL, NY (NEWS10) — A Catskill duo are behind bars after they allegedly broke into a Jefferson Heights home in the town of Catskill and robbed the man who lived there. The victim told police that a man and a woman broke into his home, punched him in the face and stole several items.

Police have identified the man involved as Clyde Wilburn, 48, from the village of Catskill. His alleged accomplice was Jessica Collazo, 32, of the town of Catskill.

According to a statement on Tuesday, Wilburn and Collazo entered the house and stole the victim’s cell phone, $12 in cash, ID card, bank card and Medicare card. Police say the victim was then forced to take Collazo to a local ATM and withdraw $540 from his account. Collazo then returned the victim’s cell phone and fled the area with Wilburn.

On September 2, soldiers located Collazo and charged her with first-degree robbery. She was arraigned in Catskill City Court before Judge Jacobs and sent to the Greene County Jail.

The next day, September 3, officers found Wilburn at the Catskill Inn and charged him with first-degree robbery. He was also arraigned before Judge Jacobs and remanded to Greene County Jail.


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