The prosecutor who put the Taliban behind bars fears for his life


A former senior prosecutor, pursued by the Taliban, fears for his life.

This is because the UK resettlement program does not help Afghans who are in grave danger.

The prosecutor has been in immigration limbo in Pakistan for nearly five months and has been unable to arrange resettlement in the UK despite having British family links.

The former head of the prosecution of an Afghan province of 500,000 inhabitants was “constantly afraid” that the Taliban networks in Pakistan would find out.

He was the victim of a car bomb attack.

His home in Afghanistan was also raided by the Taliban.

He also received several letters threatening his life.

The Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) was established by the Ministry of Interior to provide safe haven for “vulnerable people and members of minority groups at risk.

It was to respond to the needs of Afghans who have “held up for ideals such as democracy, women’s rights… and the rule of law”.

However, the places will first be filled by those already in the UK, leaving few options for at-risk Afghans.

The charities have expressed concern that the scheme ‘still provides little or no capacity for those most at risk in Afghanistan or those who have fled to neighboring countries to get to the UK safely’ .

The prosecutor said, “Can you imagine all the prisoners I put in jail for their crimes are escaping. All the prisons were collapsing and everyone was getting out on their own. I was scared to death.

He said: “Dealing with the Taliban is a nightmare for all lawyers.

“It was unusual for the leader of a province to speak to them directly but I wanted to see if they had any regrets for what they had done as many of them are young.”

“But it was very difficult because some of them were the most dangerous people – who take pride in killing women and children – and they said they would never regret their crimes.”

“I worked for many years in the service of the Afghan people and it was heartbreaking to see the Taliban take over. I couldn’t believe what had happened. It was not just the failure of Afghanistan, but the failure of our people,” he added.


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