The rapist will remain behind bars


A Dunedin rapist who inadvertently came to light on Facebook remains a high risk and will remain in jail.

Nyal Heke (33) was halfway through an 11-year prison sentence when he appeared before the parole board last month.

Judge Michael Crosbie, organizer of the panel, said the inmate at Christchurch Men’s Prison had nearly completed the adult sex offender program.

This would be followed by individual counselling, the board learned.

Heke was assessed as above average or high risk for sexual recidivism and high risk for violent crimes.

In February 2017, the man approached a woman in central Dunedin and proposed to her.

She rebuffed his advances but Heke was undeterred.

He followed her to High St and despite her continued protests, led her to a secluded alley where the violations took place.

After being given Heke’s names by friends, the woman found him on the social media site Facebook and told him she would not go to the police but wanted an apology and reassurance that he did not. would attack anyone else.

“I’m so sorry. I’ll never do that again. You have my word…ur [sic] safe,” he replied.

This admission became crucial evidence for the jury at trial and he was found guilty of the sexual assault.

Heke was convicted of indecent assault in 2005 and 2006 and was on parole after serving time for aggravated assault when the rape took place.

In October 2018, he was given an extra 15 months on his sentence after punching a man in prison and leaving him with brain damage.

The parole board said some planning needed to be put in place in Heke’s case, which could mean a transfer to another prison.

“Location can be instrumental in formulating an appropriate release plan and gaining community support,” Judge Crosbie said.

“Mr. Heke understands he has work to do.”

He will then see the board in May next year.


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