Tupac Shakur’s family open pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles in honor of late rapper


Tupac Shakur fans with an appetite for food — and his legacy — can satisfy their hunger, thanks to the late rapper’s estate.

The late rapper’s family has opened a pop-up restaurant at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, which is set to operate until June 30. The joint is called Powamekka Café, which will serve lunch and dinner. Menu items include tons of delicious comfort food like okra, fried chicken wings, and meatloaf.

According to the food site Eater Los Angeles, the idea was conceived by the late rapper himself in notes he jotted down. These notes were discovered by his family, who have since brought the idea to life. Tupac, who was shot on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996, wanted the restaurant – in partnership with Fixins Soul Kitchen – to be “a passionate paradise for 4 people with the power to 2 play and bet”. The notes, shared by the family, also show that Tupac wanted “divaz” and “playaz” to feel at home.

Those ratings also include what the “California Love” rapper had in mind in terms of food — Italian, Southern, and Creole or “the best sandwiches on the planet.”

This isn’t the first time a pop-up Tupac restaurant has opened. According Eatersimilar versions opened in New York and Northern California.


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