Vancouver chef David Mork is remembered for elevating Lapellah’s fine dining


“He loved cooking over an open fire,” Weston said. “Pork. Beef. Paella. He was so good at paella. Two nights before our wedding we had all our friends and family from out of town. He cooked the most beautiful paella with chorizo, chicken , artichokes, prawns and peas. He used the special rice and a huge pan like you see in Barcelona – bigger than your body size. It was a perfect paella.

In 2006, Mork co-opened his second restaurant, Three Sixty Kitchen, featuring a simple, local, seasonal Italian menu that included East Vancouver pizza. He was increasingly meticulous about buying local ingredients, and he had established a relationship with a supplier in Ridgefield called April Joy Farm.

“He saw an opportunity — a need — to elevate what was happening in the Vancouver restaurant scene,” said Jocelyn Boudreaux, co-parent of Mork’s first child. “He put his whole heart into it.”

His family and friends also respected Mork for cultivating a friendly and supportive modern family culture with his wife, their son Weston Mork, Boudreaux, and their daughter Finleigh Mork.

Mork was a surfer, mountain biker, kiteboarder, football coach, world traveler, saltwater aquarium curator and gardener, his friends and family said.


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