We will put Russian war criminals behind bars


As Attorney General, I worked with the Attorney General of Ukraine, Iryna Venediktova, to find out what more we can do to support Ukraine’s journey to justice against Russia. Her courage and resilience are incredible to see, and my admiration for her grows with each encounter. This week I had the honor of signing a joint statement with Iryna which reaffirms the British Government’s support for Ukraine in its fight to hold Russia accountable for the crimes it commits on Ukrainian soil.

Russia’s crimes could be tried in courtrooms in Kyiv, The Hague or even the UK; but whatever the forum, it is essential to gather the evidence now. The Deputy Prime Minister is leading a special task force bringing together the best British expertise from across government, to help Ukrainians do this as efficiently as possible. The evidence is there, the world can see it piling up. Our job now is to collect it, keep it and use it when the time comes.

The bravery of ordinary Ukrainians and their families knows no bounds. The joint statement reaffirms our commitment to assist in the collection of evidence of crimes which may include crimes against humanity and war crimes. This could include collecting testimonies from Ukrainian refugees who were victims or witnesses of crimes committed during the invasion. It could also include the collection or preservation of documentary evidence and ultimately the identification and arrest of suspects. A strong and properly collected evidence base will help create a solid foundation for future prosecutions. Met Police have already appealed for evidence from anyone in the UK who may have direct evidence of war crimes in Ukraine.

We have a clear message to Russian leaders and Russian soldiers on the ground in Ukraine; your actions will have consequences and the UK will stand firmly with Ukraine on its journey to justice.

We will always defend the right of the Ukrainian people to choose their own future. They chose freedom and justice. And Russian war criminals chose to be behind bars.

Suella Braverman MP is the Attorney General


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